We help businesses resolve disputes

Business disputes happen, resolving them quickly and fairly is what matters.
Introducing Brief!

The financial dispute & recovery platform

We’re revolutionizing financial resolution. Our online settlement and adjudication platform gives you legally binding solutions within 45 days of your claim, for a fraction of the cost. No lawyers or collection agency required.


10X Time & Cost Savings

Brief streamlines the dispute process, adding transparency to an opaque and slow-to-evolve industry, resulting in reduced costs, and access to justice in less time.


Disputing parties asynchronously complete the process, allowing for time and cost efficiencies.


Disputes cost 70% less with Brief, even smaller claims that might otherwise be written-off are worth pursuing.


Claims are typically resolved within 45 days, versus the years it might normally take with our offline competitors.

Settlement & Recovery

In the interest of collaboration, parties are encouraged to reach a settlement agreement to avoid further enforcement.

Neutral & Unbiased

Independent and unbiased judges are assigned to claims based on jurisdiction and subject matter expertise.

Legally Binding

Bar recognized judges and lawyers decide claims that are court-recognized as legally binding & enforceable.

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With Brief we can expand our lending underwriting process to more borrowers, knowing we have an effective dispute resolution and recovery solution on the back end.
Harry James

Why Brief?

We’re a technology platform that helps businesses resolve contractual disputes fast and effectively, so they can focus on delivering value to their customers.

100% Online

Every step in our dispute resolution process happens online. Because of our conscious decision to handle monetary claims over the internet, we’re able to streamline settlements and arbitrations from start to finish.

90% Faster​

Brief is set up to fast-track the dispute resolution procedure. As a result, our e-judges can arrive at their verdicts in about 45 days. If you take your delinquent borrowers to court, you’ll likely have to painfully wait for over a year or more for a judgment.

90% More Cost-Effective

Our private service gives you access to legal remedies at a pre-established and affordable fee which may also be recovered as part of your award. you’ll save significantly more money when enforcing unpaid debts through our platform than any other means.​

Is Brief a good fit for your business?

Our process

How to get started with Brief

By moving the dispute resolution process online, we streamline settlement and arbitration, giving you access to legal remedies that were once out of reach for small businesses.

1. Update Clause

Integrate our dispute resolution clause into your contracts

2. Issue Contracts

Make sales and issue agreements with your customers as usual

3. Start a Claim

If or when a contract breach occurs, Start a Claim on Brief

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We've made the process of protecting your contracts easy.

It starts with a simple update to the dispute resolution language within your agreements, and that’s it. No upfront fees and transparent pricing when claims are submitted.

Let’s get started with a few quick questions about your business, and we’ll suggest a dispute resolution clause that you can adopt into your agreements.