A total of nearly 10,000 arbitration cases were filed in the US in 2020 with $18,011,977,599 (that’s right over $18 billion!) in claims arbitrated.

But arbitration is only for big businesses with big wallets right? No, not anymore.

Brief’s groundbreaking platform has broken the mold, resolving cases within 45 days or less, starting at $600. 

The Brief six step process to resolve disputes is effortless. File your claim, upload your evidence through our secure portal and then respond to the defendant. 

Our E-Judges handle the Discovery phase, so there is zero chance of draining and time-consuming fishing expeditions. 

The E-judge reviews the evidence, and if you prevail, an Award will be issued which can be reduced to an enforceable judgment when filed in the district court.

Compare this to filing a lawsuit… you have to pay for judges, attorneys and you will more than likely end up with quite a few more grey hairs by the time the case is resolved. 

Businesses often end up writing debts off, selling them at a loss, or just leaving money on the table because the cost and effort that goes into chasing them in court give a meager return of pennies to the dollar. 

It’s a no-brainer, right? Arbitration agreements are legally binding.  

9,538 claims arbitrated in the US 2020

The graphic below speaks for itself, showing just over 9,500 claims arbitrated in the US in 2020.

Source: American Arbitration Association

So how do I make sure I can use arbitration?

One of the smartest things you can do is include an arbitration clause in any contract that you sign. 

Some law firms have been known to “cut and paste” agreements from previous contracts into new contracts. The best way to figure out if you have a good contract is if you can actually understand it. 

If in doubt, click on the link to use Brief’s free arbitration clause builder tool. The US Civil Court system was already struggling before the Covid 19 Pandemic. The average pending caseload has now gone up by 30 percent and it is going to be a long time before they dig themselves out.

This just adds to the many reasons why online arbitration claims are a best-in-class form of alternative dispute resolution.

No court, no attorneys (unless you want one), just a lean and streamlined arbitration process that gets things done impartially, quickly, and cost-effectively.

In addition, both the plaintiff and the defendant are given the option to settle the claim, bringing it to a swift close.

This can include payment plans or outright settlement. Brief covers all bases to make the debt recovery process as smooth as possible.

Can my business recover debt through online arbitration?

Most definitely. Brief has helped small and large businesses across the United States recover debts that were simply not worth the cost of traditional litigation or arbitration if not for online dispute resolution.

Register now on our online portal.  If a dispute arises, it is a simple process to submit your claim, all for a flat upfront fee.

Brief’s online arbitration platform is typically 80 percent faster (or more) than a civil court hearing or traditional “brick and mortar” arbitration.

Satisfied and repeat participants include electronic commerce sites (Fintech), factors, banks, MCAs, and other lenders. 

Brief also handles all types of monetary disputes as well as declaratory relief actions such as quiet title, coverage claims and warranty claims.   

Our screened network of “Ejudges” spreads across all 50 states and each case is matched to the jurisdiction and subject matter expertise of the Ejudge.

You can request a demo from our homepage or call one of our arbitration consultants today on tel: +12134443794. Alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected] to book an obligation-free consultation.

Brief is a market-leading online arbitration platform in the United States. Our 100 percent online alternative dispute resolution platform helps businesses protect their contracts and agreements through online arbitration. Follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook for updates and news about online arbitration and more.

*Brief cannot and will not give legal advice on any matters, financial or not.

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