How is discovery conducted?

Discovery on the Brief platform is done in accordance with the Brief Rules.  Brief expects and requires that during the course of the claim process the parties to the dispute will upload all of their relevant evidence, testimony and arguments.   It is also expected that the parties will be transparent and forthwith and provide all …

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What are the costs?

Offered as enterprise software, we utilize a credit-based system for our pricing model. As there are multiple paths a claim can take (default, contested, settlement, judgment, etc.), pricing will vary, depending on which milestone triggered events occur. Get in touch with us to obtain a quote. 

What if I lose an Brief Claim?

Unfortunately, in every dispute, there are winners and non-winners. Once an Award is rendered (posted) by Brief, it is up to the prevailing (winning) party to have that Award converted into a Judgment.  All of the parties’ rights (Plaintiff or Defendant) are preserved in connection with that Judgment process. To avoid future adverse consequences, many …

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