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Brief’s Dispute Resolution:

The Alternative That’s Better Than the Standard

As a lender, dealing with delinquent borrowers is never pleasant. It doesn’t matter how big your fintech organization is; not getting paid on time will always hurt your cash flow. And the longer you wait, the faster your company coffers go thin.

Even worse, you may have no collateral to seize. If you issue unsecured loans, you’ll have much fewer desirable options to compel the defaulting parties to pay.

But before you sue your nonpaying borrowers or sell your delinquent accounts to collection agencies, take them to arbitration first. Let Brief resolve your disputes to avoid bigger headaches and larger losses.

How Brief Moves the Needle

Brief has an extensive network of professional arbitrators across the 50 states. Each vetted to ensure absolute impartiality and fairness in every resolution.

We assign arbitrators to claims based on jurisdiction and domain expertise. After gathering and reviewing sufficient evidence from the plaintiff and the defendant, they would apply relevant state laws to issue an award.

If you win, you can leverage the favorable decision to convince the other party to pay. If the two of you fail to reach an agreement, you can get the award converted into an enforceable court judgment.

100% Online

Every step in our dispute resolution process happens online. Because of our conscious decision to handle monetary claims over the internet, we’re able to streamline settlements and arbitrations from start to finish.

90% Faster

Edjucate is set up to fast-track the dispute resolution procedure. As a result, our e-judges can arrive at their verdicts in about 45 days. If you take your delinquent borrowers to court, you’ll likely have to painfully wait for over a year or more for a judgment.

90% More Cost-Effective

Our private service gives you access to legal remedies at a pre-established and affordable fee which may also be recovered as part of your award. you’ll save significantly more money when enforcing unpaid debts through our platform than any other means.

What Our Clients Say

How Brief’s Advanced Arbitration Process Works

Set your claim in motion by uploading all of your supporting evidence. Upon receipt, we wi’ll serve/notice the defendant via email and certified mail.

The defaulting party can join the platform after receiving service. The defendant can provide counter-evidence to disprove your claim or settle it right away. If the defaulting party declines to take part in the process, the online arbitration will still proceed through a default prove-up process so that you can prove up your claim and have the Ejudge issue you an award..

We’ll assign the most appropriate e-judge to study your dispute using jurisdiction and expertise as guidance.. 

The e-judge will check all pieces of evidence on hand. If necessary, our arbitrator may reach out for additional questions and inquiries.

After careful review of the dispute, our e-judge will issue a legally binding award.

How to Lay the Foundation for Brief’s Swift, Stress-Free Dispute Resolution

Here’s what you must do:

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Talk to one of our arbitration specialists to learn more about the merits of adopting our free arbitration clause into your contracts. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.



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